Corporate Video production in regional Australia

Creating a video for your business or organisation is always a tricky prospect, even if you have made dozens of videos before and hired multiple production companies over the years that nebulous question of “How much does a corporate video cost?” is always one that can be hard to decipher, and the truth is there really isn’t a straight forward answer, there are however, ways in which you can reduce costs or areas to spend your money to make sure you get the best product. At Bright Eye Films we have over a decade of experience at all levels of video production, and we’ll give it our best go to try and decipher the costs for you to help you plan your next video project.

The Costs
The basic costs of creating a video come down to a few simple questions. The more time you spend working through these questions the better your video producer will be able to service your needs.

Project Scope: The complexity and scale of your video project play a significant role in determining the overall cost. A simple testimonial video featuring one or two interviewees will naturally incur lower costs compared to a multi-location product launch video with intricate animations and visual effects. First you must decide what sort of video you want to make:

Basic Corporate Video: A straightforward corporate video featuring interviews, b-roll footage, and minimal editing.
Promotional Video: A promotional video highlighting a product or service, with moderate production values and editing.
Event Coverage: Filming and editing coverage of a corporate event, conference, or seminar.
Training or Educational Video: Developing an instructional or training video, including scriptwriting, filming, and editing.
Animated Explainer Video: An animated explainer video with custom illustrations, motion graphics, and professional voiceover.

Filming a promotional Video in Adelaide

Creative Requirements: The level of creativity and customization required for your video will impact the cost. Whether it’s crafting a compelling script, incorporating motion graphics, or sourcing licensed music, each creative element adds to the production budget.

Production Quality: The desired quality of your video, including resolution, filming equipment, and production values, will influence the overall cost. Professional lighting, run and gun style documentary setups, and cinematic editing techniques can affect your bottom line.

Timeline and Turnaround: Urgency and turnaround time can affect costs, as expedited projects may require additional resources and manpower to meet tight deadlines.

Delivery of your Project: What do you want to get from your video experience, do you want additional edits for social media? Reframed videos ready to go into a Tik Tok or Instagram reel.

Spending time working through these areas with your video producer can immediately help you get a feel for your video cost, plus having a good plan in pace allows you to maximise your time on the costly part of your process: Production.

The Actual Cost
Now you’ve moved onto the bulk of your production costs, filming your video. This is where the biggest range of costs can come into play and the question: “How much does a corporate video cost?” can really differ, you can certainly find a student or young professional willing to work for $300-$400 a day filming your video, you can also find large production companies that will bring an entire crew and charge upwards of $3000-$4000 a day filming. Both ends of the spectrum have their places but the key to having a trustworthy production company in place is the ability to find the right place on that spectrum for your video project. At Bright Eye Films for example we can craft a single shooter crew for your project, or bring in contractors and crews to upscale your production and can advise you on the best way forward for your project.

A mature woman is being interviewed by Bright Eye Films for a corporate video.

Finally you’ve shot your video and it’s with the editor to craft your story. Hopefully time spent in the planning process has made this part easy, your editor understands the brief and what you need and gets cutting, delivering your videos with a smile. This is where you can start to get real bang for your buck in video making, creating short reel videos from your major video or using the footage you’ve captured to create a series of videos instead of just one. So long as your plans were discussed in the planning stage the world is your oyster, however, if you try to add extra content here without planning it through with your video producer you can start to strain relationships and incur costs you weren’t expecting.

Good video production companies will always look to tailor their services to meet your specific needs, budgets, and creative visions. So, when you ask “How much will a corporate video cost?” the answer is never generic it is always tailored to your personal needs.

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