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In the era of social media where every moment is a potential narrative, event videography is fantastic way of capturing memories, fostering engagement, and elevating brand presence. At Bright Eye Films, we have worked hard at immortalizing the essence of diverse events, be it local councils’ initiatives, corporate conferences, or community galas, we have come to love crafting videos of our clients events almost as much as attending them, and the results we see from our event videos have shown power of using video to promote and remember your big event.

Film an Event Video at a conference

From a business perspective, investing in event videography transcends mere documentation; it becomes a strategic asset. Picture this: your meticulously planned conference, meticulously curated product launch, or vibrant community gathering, immortalized in a fun and vibrant video that captured all the hard work you put to create your event. Such content becomes a dynamic marketing tool, capable of extending the reach of your event to those who didn’t make it, or to those looking for a reason to attend next year.

Filming a Lion Dance

Moreover, in an era where visual storytelling reigns supreme, event videography becomes a focal point for audience engagement. Videos possess the unique ability to encapsulate emotions, convey narratives, and evoke visceral responses. By showcasing the highlights of your event through captivating visuals, you invite viewers on an immersive journey, forging a deeper connection and fostering brand loyalty. Whether it’s a glimpse of keynote speeches, candid interactions, or the pulsating energy of the crowd, each frame has the potential to resonate with your audience on a profound level. In a previous blog we wrote about combining short and long form video and events are the perfect platform for this. Combine candid instant social media reels with curated video content so people get a glimpse of your event followed shortly after by an immersive experience of the day or night.

At Bright Eye Films, we understand that beyond the strategic advantages lies the sheer joy of capturing moments that matter. Recently, we had the privilege of filming a community event for the City of Unley, a gala night on a closed of street, full of people, fashion, food and music. Our video showcased the wide range of entertainment and experiences the council had worked so hard to bring together. Our final videos were filled with smiling faces, gourmet food and beautiful fashion as the sun set over the street, but more than the setting, the enjoyment we got from filming such a fun event was shown, on every smiling face we captured. We captured the hard work of volunteers, the joy of local businesses and stallholders showcasing their crafts, all things that client could build future events around whilst also showcasing the spirit of the community, a win-win situation.

A drone shot of an Adelaide Event
A drone shot of the Unley Event captured by Bright Eye Films

In the aftermath of the event, as we edited our videos for the client we saw posts popping up and Instagram reels of people enjoying the event in the following days, and when it came to deliver our video we were able to create 3 different videos – 2 short social videos that were shared as posts and stories to provide a polished look back at the event, and one major video that could be embedded on LinkedIn and the council website to promote the event next year as well as show the wider community a slice of what life is like in the City of Unley.

In summary, event videography goes beyond mere documentation; it becomes a catalyst for business growth, audience engagement, and communal celebration. At Bright Eye Films, we’re not just storytellers; we’re guardians of memories, weaving narratives that endure the test of time. So, the next time you plan an event, remember the transformative potential of videography—it’s not just about what you see; it’s about what you feel, and the lasting impression it leaves behind.

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