Need a Team of Talented Videographers in Adelaide?

Bright Eye Films Will Bring Your Ideas to Life and Provide High-quality Raw Footage!

If you are looking for a skilled videographer to capture your moments, stories or content in Adelaide, the professional videographers at Bright Eye Films are the perfect choice. Collaborating with us means working with professionals who understand the power of visual storytelling, helping to bring your vision to life.

We can and have shot on various camera platforms. However, we own and operate a Sony Ecosystem, using Fx6, A7iv, FS7, and all the latest gimbals and lighting equipment. We also fly and are registered pilots of our DJI Mavic 3 Pro and DJI Mini 3 Pro drones.

Our team collaborates with various subcontractors, including videographers, sound recordists, editors, live streamers, and producers. We can connect you with all the professionals you need if you require a crew in Adelaide.

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Capture and Preserve Your Special Moments in Adelaide

Head to our services page or contact our friendly team to find out what we can create for you.

" Jordan is a very important extension to our business. He is an outstanding and reliable videographer and is kind and patient with clients. "

- Jonathan Zoch


The founder of Bright Eye Films is ensuring that they will get a high-quality video