Authentic Personal Storytelling

About Bright Eye Films

We’re not just in the business of video production – we want to help you tell your unique and personal story. We believe in the power of collaboration, and that’s at the heart of everything we do. Our collaborative approach allows us to truly understand your vision, values, and goals. We don’t just create videos, we become partners in your journey, working together to ensure your story is told authentically and effectively.

For us, excellence is non-negotiable. Our core values of honesty, professionalism, quality, and collaboration guide us in every project. We’re committed to delivering videos that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our team of skilled professionals, combined with our network of industry connections, ensures that every frame is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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About Our Founder

Since starting in the film and video industry in 2012, our founder and cinematographer, Jordan Agutter, has continued to develop the skills needed to keep pace in an ever-changing landscape of video production, using the latest and most professional equipment. Our award-winning team partners with quality industry connections to deliver whatever your project needs.

Our success stories speak volumes about the impact our videos have made on diverse businesses and projects. Working with both small businesses and larger corporations, we’ve left a trail of satisfied clients who’ve experienced the magic of visual storytelling with Bright Eye Films. From initial consultation to the final delivery, we create a collaborative and enjoyable content experience for you.

Explore our portfolio and read the testimonials of those who’ve chosen to partner with us.


Working with Jordan is always a pleasure! We have been working with the Bright Eye Film team for many years now. We can always rely on his professionalism, quality and understanding of our client’s needs. Look forward to working on many more projects in the future. 

Sophie Zervas

Keito Events    (Events Video) 

Tennis SA has had the pleasure of working with Bright Eye Films in a wide variety of situations over the past five years, including tennis, construction, opening ceremonies, awards nights and major events. 

Jordan takes on board our brief, ensuring that the vision captured will tell our story in the finished product. 

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Bright Eye Films. 

Tennis SA  (Promotional & Event) 

I have had the pleasure of working with Bright Eye Films for my commercial projects for many years, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their talent for directing and capturing footage is truly exceptional. From the initial planning stages to the final editing and packaging, they displayed a remarkable level of professionalism and creativity. 

I highly recommend this company for anyone seeking professional video services. Thanks for the outstanding work and for always bringing my ideas to life in such a captivating way. 

Nik Riddle

Skinnymixers  (Promotional) 

Jordan and his Bright Eye Films have been helping Solstice Media bring everything from hard news stories to commercial events to life for almost a decade. He is a joy to work with and the end result is always better than I first imagined. Jordan has invested in the best kit, so there is a camera for everything, and he knows who to call for help on the few aspects he can’t do in-house. Professional and friendly. Our clients ask for him by name. 

Jim Plouffe

Solstice Media  (corporate) 

Professional and talented. I highly recommended Bright Eye Films for the business and corporate sector and look forward to working with them again. 

April Chamberlayne

Dormico  (Promotional)

Jordan is a very important extension to our business. He is an outstanding and reliable videographer and is kind and patient with clients. Everyone I know who's worked with Jordan loves him. He's certainly a favourite of ours!

Jonathan Zoch

InspireWorks (Videographer)