A video interview setup by Bright Eye Films.

A corporate or promotional video, even an event video is never just put together at a computer —it starts on set, where the atmosphere is as crucial as the footage itself. We have been working in the video industry for over a decade and have learned the importance of creating a comfortable environment on set and how it helps when creating video for your business.

Openness and Friendliness: The Cornerstones of Collaboration
From the moment clients step onto the set they should welcomed into a collaborative partnership. Creating a new video can be a daunting experience, especially for a first time client. When that person has to be on camera this can leads to wooden or nervous performance so making sure the process is easy and open is critical to creating a good end product. Below are a few tips we use on sets to make sure our clients are at ease and comfortable working with us when creating video for your business..

An older man, wearing corporate attire, is having an interview with Bright Eye Films

Involving Talent: A Collaborative Approach
• Talent as Partners: Take a collaborative approach by involving talent in discussions about the script, exploring creative ideas, and making them an integral part of the decision-making process. This inclusive strategy enhances creative input and instils a sense of ownership and pride in the final outcome.
• Making the Unknown Familiar: Recognizing the potential intimidation of being on camera, it is best to demystify the process for clients. Transparent explanations of each step and active involvement in decision-making help create a prepared and excited atmosphere before the cameras roll. Explain your process of moving lights around or why microphones are placed where they are, involve your subjects in your process.
Conversational Interviews: Creating a Relaxed Atmosphere
• Building Rapport: Interviews are at the core of many video projects. Prioritize building rapport with interviewees before filming begins through casual conversations and a friendly atmosphere. This approach breaks down barriers, fostering authentic responses.
• Removing the Scripted Feel: Adopt an organic approach to interviews, steering away from a scripted or rehearsed tone. This method not only makes interviewees more comfortable but also results in more authentic and relatable content for audiences. An interview should always feel conversational not like you are trying to hit a series of dot points. Even if there are certain lines or thoughts that need to be hit, locking down and focusing on those lines can put unnecessary pressure on a subject and make them self conscious about their performance.

The founder of Bright Eye Films is ensuring that they will get a high-quality video

A Fun Experience: Videos with a Smile
Making a video with Bright Eye Films is about more than capturing footage; it’s about creating a memorable experience. Laughter, collaboration, and a friendly atmosphere are integral elements of shoots. The belief is that when the process is enjoyable, the end product reflects that positive energy.

We recently had a client shoot with a local university with a team who had not really engaged in making a video before. From the first meeting we made sure to explain what was involved in the process and what was required during a filming day to get what we needed. On set we made sure to explain how the interviews would work and how they would be cut together in the final video. Making sure they knew what was happening around them and felt comfortable with it was so important and at the end of our shoot heading into the edit, the clients felt so happy with the experience they were keen to make more videos in the future having enjoyed the process making this video.

This is especially important when working with children, everything is amplified when working with kids. A scary environment will be reflected in their eyes and behaviour very obviously so making the process fun and less scary is key. On a recent shoot in a primary school we had to interview several children aged 5-12, getting down to their level and talking with them like adults helps them feel like they aren’t being spoken down to or told what to do which makes them feel involved in what you’re doing. Explaining how the lights work or letting them have a look at the camera and see through the monitor can show them that it is not scary. Working with children can be a really effective way to see how your style of shooting works with clients in creating a fun environment.

Four kids on the sofa are being interviewed by a woman wearing a red long-sleeved shirt, captured by Bright Eye Films

Ensuring clients feel valued and excited about the creative process. Join in on the journey of transforming video shoots into a positive and rewarding experience, where the end result is not just a video but a visual story crafted with passion and collaboration. If you’d like to see some examples of work we’ve created with head to our portfolio page to see some videos: brighteyefilms.au/our-portfolio/.

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